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Our holistic approach focuses on changing the mindset and reprogramming behaviors for the best outcomes relating to well-being. Our revolutionary wellness program applies science, psychology, and biblical principles that interconnect each dimension of health to provide a fulfilled pathway to optimal health.

Physical Health


Emotional Health

Social Health

Spiritual Health

Financial Health

The owner and founder of 360 Health Transformations is now a published Author!!!

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This book was written by nine black women around the world to black women to empower them to release the chains that have been holding them down in life,

to unleash the Goddess within.

Meet the Authors book release zoom

360 Health Transformations has each of the principles woven into its process to helping women achieve total health. Our signature program includes each of the six dimensions of health.

We apply psychology, science, nutrition practices, cognitive behavioral therapy, and neuro-linguistic programming to invoke self-awareness, change thinking patterns, and distorted belief systems invoking change in how you think (mindset) and behaviors.

We also have a revolutionary financial health program that focuses solely on financial health which uses the same strategies that are included in our signature 360 health and wellness program. The financial health program will start you on your path to financial freedom!

Our Vision

To foster health and wellness by empowering you to transform in every dimension of health: physically, mentally, emotionally, socially, spiritually, and financially, so they can live an abundant purpose-filled life.

Our Mission

To provide coaching to individuals and consulting to organizations to support their achievement of total wellness and empowering individuals to live a healthy and abundant life.

Our Values