Physical Health

Your physical health and wellness are a result of your actions and behaviors: eating, exercise, sleep, and the absence of disease. You can achieve wellness in your physical health by taking the following actions:

Physical Activity

  • Exercise: any cardio, strength, flexibility, and endurance training (at least 3 times a week for a minimum of 30 min.)
  • Nutrition and Diet
  • Eating healthy
  • Being mindful of food consumption
  • how many calories you are consuming
  • Drinking-Water drink ½ body weight in water daily
    Alcohol and drugs
  • No Smoking Cigarettes
  • No drugs and alcohol abuse
    Medicare self-care
  • Ensure you receive preventative care annually with both your doctor and dentists
  • Address any bodily injuries immediately
    Rest & Sleep
  • Getting proper sleep at least 7-8 hours daily
  • Taking “Me time” for relaxation

image of plate with chicken breast, Avacado, Cherry tomatoes, lime wedges and quinoa

image of hands holding a sign that says self care with a heart